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Health Tip

I’m Thirsty!

How many parents haven’t heard that cry, “I’m Thirsty”? It’s time for a tall glass of cold liquid. But what to fill it with: juice, soda, water? A recent study conducted in Boston showed that obese children who drank only water or non-calorie drinks lost weight compared with those who drank sugary drinks or even 100% fruit juice. In another study from Holland, the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks by children was associated with being overweight. Soda, sugar-sweetened drinks and even juice add calories to the diet with only a little feeling of satisfaction. Calories from sugar-laden drinks make a difference for children (and probably adults, too).


So next time you hear, “I’m thirsty,” satisfy that thirst with a pure glass of water. It won’t take long before they will learn to love it too! A little tip that may help in the beginning is to slice a piece of fruit like an apple, strawberries or a lemon in a jug of water and let it sit cool for about ten minutes.


Source: Used with permission.

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