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Bad habits, laziness, procrastination, poor communication and emotional entanglements: many people sense their need to change. Learn from the experts about the process of successful change.


On-Demand / Hem & familj / Up Close / Season 1 / Förvandlingsprocessen



Hantera döden

#1 | EN/SE | 58 min

We all suffer loss and grief. How are we to deal with tragic experiences that come to us? Yet God has promised to help us through...
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Hantera depression

#3 | SE/EN | 58 min

Learn in this program about the symptoms of depression, its causes and most importantly how, with professional help, they can find...
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Gravida tonåringar

#4 | EN/SE | 58 min

Many young people today become parents inadvertently while they are still teens. This program focuses on how we can support teenage...
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Är självmord en lösning

#5 | SE/EN | 58 min

Hopelessness fools too many into believing that suicide is the only solution to the dark moments of our life. But there is a way out...
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#6 | EN/SE | 58 min

Bad habits, laziness, procrastination, poor communication and emotional entanglements: many people sense their need to change. Learn...
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Möta svåra tider

#7 | SE/EN | 58 min

Tough times often happen suddenly and unexpectedly, and may cause us to struggle with the concept of God's power and love. How do we...
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Balansera arbete och familj

#8 | EN/SE | 58 min

Do you feel overworked and under-appreciated? If your answer is 'Yes' to any of those questions, then stay tuned to learn how you can...
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Övervikt och kost

#9 | EN/SE | 59 min

Most people today recognise that excessive weight is bad for our health. But how do we find the motivation to loose weight? What is...
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Tämja TV:n

#10 | SE/EN | 58 min

Television has changed the way we communicate and get information. But beside the positives, it can become a debilitating addiction....
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Faror med det ockulta

#12 | EN/SE | 59 min

The occult fascinates many people and frightens others. This program examines the mysterious powers and resources of the supernatural....
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Hantera ensamhet

#13 | SE/EN | 59 min

Loneliness can lead to serious problems for many people today. This programs analyses the real cause for feelings of loneliness and...
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LifeStyleTV sänder relevanta, meningsfulla och livsförvandlande program till Skandinavien 24x7. Våra livsstilsfokuserade och bibelbaserade program är menade att motivera till en mera aktiv och hälsosam livsstil, där livet ses som en helhet - fysiskt, mentalt och andligt.

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