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Have you been blessed by watching LifeStyleTV?

We are a small nonprofit organization that operates LifeStyleTV. With only six employees, we operate a television channel that broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via the Internet and satellite to all of Scandinavia. The costs of reaching thousands of people every day is like any other TV station: satellite broadcast fees, production, cameras, computers, electricity and wages.


LifeStyleTV is something unique. A place where you can be enriched and inspired to a more active and healthy lifestyle. It is like an oasis for the mind, a quiet place where you can think, explore the Bible and meet God.


To protect our credibility, we send no paid advertisements. We receive no government grants, and are organizationally and financially independent from any religious denomination. We operate solely by voluntary donations! Would you like to help?


You can give a gift whenever you want! Or maybe you would like to be a monthly partner who gives a certain amount each month.


If LifeStyleTV has blessed you, then send a donation today to help continue the broadcasting.


Thank you for your support!


Bank information for donations from Scandinavia

Bankgiro: 5799-4832
Swish-number: 123 – 680 40 74


Account no: 9041.22.86196


Account no: 0890 1047368


PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!


International gifts

Bank name: Svenska Handelsbanken
Address: 106 70 Stockholm, Sweden
Account name: LifeStyleTV
Account number: 6787 342 886 738
IBAN: SE31 6000 0000 0003 4288 6738


USA tax-deductible donation

Send a check marked for “LifeStyleTV” to:
Ouachita Hills College

P.O. Box 170

Amity, Arkansas 71921


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LifeStyleTV provides relevant, meaningful and life-changing programing 24x7 to Scandinavia. Our lifestyle focused and Bible-based programs seek to bring life together, as a whole ­– physically, mentally and spiritually.

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    • Sweden:

    • Bankgiro: 5799-4832

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    • Bank account: 9041.22.86196

    • Denmark:

    • Bank account: 0890-0001047368

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