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LifeStyleVIEW Nr. 2, 2016

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Finally the new issue of the magazine LifeStyleVIEW has arrived! To give you a taste of the content you can read the editorial written by Claus Nybo. Enjoy!

“Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær.”

Norwegians are known for their great love of the outdoors, so it is no wonder that it is from Norway we have the well-known expression: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” For generations, this attitude seems to have permeated the very soul of Scandinavia. But is this in danger of changing? Is our ever increasing digital world with its focus on ease and entertainment holding us back from the outdoors and causing us to move less and less?


Growing up in the quiet village of Rye, in the Danish country side, there seemed to be few things that distracted me from playing outside — and the higher the better. So why not move dad’s homemade playhouse from its stilts in the ground, up into the treetops? And with our tower which secured the neighbor’s TV-antenna being higher yet, it provided a grand opportunity to run a zipline from as far up the tower as I could climb, to the treehouse at the other end of the garden. Lest you wonder, at that age there was little concern about the consequences of experiencing the truth about Newton’s great discovery, the law of gravity.


I seemed invincible and loved to try new things. Scratches, bumps and bruises, and even the occasional visit to the emergency room didn’t seem to detour me. One of the greatest activities was Pathfinders – especially going on campouts, orienteering hikes and canoe trips. And no, we had no GPS, only a map, compass and natural signs in nature that told us what direction to go. Did I miss the TV we never had, or the computer that at that time was barely invented for home use? No, in fact I am glad that I had parents that took time to give me so many memorable experiences in the great outdoors, instead of providing me with the latest technological gadgets.


In our desire to make the world a safer and better place for our kids, and with our ever busier schedule, are we taking these opportunities away from the new generation? I hope not. Let us take time to reintroduce the joy of the outdoors and the many things it contains to explore and enjoy, and experience the joy of a body created to move — regardless of the weather 😉


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