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Even Overweight Boys Can Lower Their Risk of Diabetes

A study of about 63,000 Danish boys measured their body mass index (BMI)* at ages 7 and 13. By the time they reached age 30, 11% had developed type 2 diabetes. It was found that overweight seven-year old’s that remained overweight at thirteen, had an increased risk for type 2 diabetes. However, overweight boys who lost weight between ages 7 and 13 and maintained a healthy weight into early adulthood, had a risk that was very similar to those who were never overweight. It is never too early to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight!



Fred Hardinge


*Body Mass Index is a calculation of the ratio of weight to height. It is used as a measure to determine the amount of body fat a person has. From this health care providers can determine if a person is overweight or obese.


Below 18,5, underweight

18,5 – 24,9 normal

25 – 29,9 overweight

30 or above obese


The formula to calculate one’s BMI is: kg/m2, where kg is weight in kilograms and m2 is height squared.  There are also many apps or websites that calculate BMI by putting in one’s height and weight.  

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